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Habitat for Humanity International is a Christian organization and welcomes volunteers from all faiths who are committed to Habitat's goal of eliminating sub-standard housing.

"It's easy to stay stuck, to be stuck in poverty. Some people inherit money,
but some people inherit poverty. To think outside of the scope of poverty is hard.
So when you have a hand up- what Habitat offers- that hand up turns out to be a
different kind of inheritance: Hope"
-Habitat homeowner
Mission and Vision
Habitat views its work as successful when lives are transformed and when positive and lasting social, economic, and spiritual change is promoted within a community: Authentic transformation changes the lives of all who participate: those who need housing, volunteers, advocates, donors, and development practitioners.
Habitat for Humanity has been building homes, communities an hope through direct engagement for four decades. As powerful as that has been, some 1.6 billion people still live in inadequate housing and 100 million others have no home at all. This challenges us to become more effective catalysts  for systematic change- change that will help exponentially help more families than any one organization ever could serve alone. To affect the housing deficit at scale, the plan calls for operating with impact in three interconnected spheres of influence: community, sector and society.
Building Community Impact
Direct engagement: The foundation for these changes begins with continued direct engagement with families and communities, demonstrating what is possible when people form all segments of society work together to address the problem of poverty and housing.
Building Sector Impact
Through similar direct engagement with the broader housing sector, Habitat can influence the way others in the public and nonprofit worlds think about housing issues and how to address them. By promoting approaches that assist low-income  families themselves, we in turn help drive the market for housing related financing and housing improvement services and products accessible to the poor. Because enabling public policies also are essential in increasing access to affordable housing, the plan challenges us to promote policies and systems that eliminate restraints contributing to poverty and inadequate housing. In seeking truly transformed communities, Habitat West Bay and Northern RI views bringing people together not only as a way to deliver a product improved housing as an essential process for building hope and believe that healthier communities are achievable and beneficial for all. When we work together, statistics become faces with names, stereotypes are broken, and everyone has the opportunity both to give and receive. Only then is lasting change likely to occur.
Societal Impact
Habitat for Humanity advances its ability to expand awareness of housing as a critical foundation for eliminating barriers to a better, healthier, more financially stable life when we successfully mobilize volunteers for the cause of affordable housing. Volunteer support not only raises walls, but also backing for public policy and market changes that can lead to even broader impact.  In the course of uniting around improved housing for all, personal transformation occurs in all. turning both individuals and the process itself into powerful conduits for demonstrating God's love.
Through this initiative, you can help us provide critical repairs, home ownership, volunteer and employment opportunities to U.S. veterans, military service members and their families.
Facts about veterans
The National Low Income Housing Coalition finds that 2.5 million veterans heading households are at least 55 years of age. Of those 2.5 million veterans, 24 percent have housing cost burdens. Unlike our older civilians, our older veterans are more likely to have a disability — 35 percent versus 28 percent — which may require home modifications, health and other supportive services as they age.
Our female veteran population is in need as well. According to a report by the National Housing Conference, nearly half of our veterans who are single mothers spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. Our female veterans face significant economic and housing challenges and are particularly vulnerable to housing cost burdens compared with our overall veteran population.
Likewise, our most recent veterans who served following 9/11 have returned to a slow-growing economy and rising housing costs. These economic factors have made the transition from military service to civilian life difficult for many of our veterans.
In addition, nearly 4 million of our veterans pay at least 30 percent of their income toward rent or mortgage, while more than 1.5 million pay at least 50 percent. As you can imagine, using half of your income to pay your rent or mortgage is an enormous strain on any budget.
Areas we focus on:
Safe, decent, affordable housing is the centerpiece of Veterans Build. In many communities, we are expanding programs to maintain and preserve homes and make them more energy-efficient and affordable.
Volunteer engagement
We provide volunteer experiences that bring together veterans, military families and their neighbors. These experiences help bridge the gap and ease the transition to civilian life with fulfilling community engagement. You can find a Habitat office near you for volunteer opportunities in your community. You can also learn more about our long-term volunteer opportunities.Since 2013 Habitat has made it a grassroots effort to address the needs of returning soldiers, veterans and their families. Veterans play a crucial role in Habitat builds. The skills, discipline and determination they bring them provide
Donations of any amount/ materials and time are crucial to our ability to continue to carry out our mission. Donations are used as designated by the donor. Gifts received by us that are designated to a specific building project are forwarded to that project. Any undesignated gifts are used where most needed. Online donations are a safe, secure way to help Habitat carry out its mission. Our most recent audited financial statement is available upon request.

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